The World According to ME

It’s ALL about ME!

Opening up on the World Wide Web

I had been debating with myself for quite some time the benefits of creating my own online web page. I often have debates with myself. Sometimes the debates get heated. Sometimes even verbally abusive. Fortunately, the debaters have never come to blows. My family finds it unnerving to accompany me on any of my excursions to Home Depot. As I stand in the Building Materials aisle debating whether to use this material or that; this size or that; talking through the pros and cons OUTLOUD, I can’t much say that I blame them for ignoring my existence.

My WWW debate went something like this…

“Every nut job in the world with high speed access will read my musings.”

“It would be handy to have one place to keep family and friends updated on my happenings.”

“Do I really want to share my thoughts with total strangers?”

“I’m a geek and I NEED to see how this works!”

“Do my friends really want to know what I think about them?”

“None of that matters. It’s all about me!”

Needless to say, I won the debate.

I think that somewhere here I’m supposed to write a biography and explain who I am. Why write an abridged version when the ensuing pages will tell all there is to know?

Enjoy the ride.