A reference to someone who is particularly fond of books.

The books I have read in 2009.

  1. “A Conspiracy of Paper”, by David Liss
  2. “Destiny”, by Alex Archer
  3. “The Seventh Sacrament”, by David Hewson
  4. “The Venetian Betrayal”, by Steve Berry
  5. “Lions of Lucerne”, by Brad Thor
  6. “No Second Chance”, by Harlan Coben
  7. “The Other Daughter”, by Lisa Gardner
  8. “On the Fifth Day”, by AJ Hartley
  9. “The Physician’s Tale” by Ann Benson
  10. “Solomon’s Jar”, by Alex Archer
  11. “The Chemistry of Death” by Simon Beckett
  12. “The Pillars of the Earth”, by Ken Follett
  13. “World without End”, by Ken Follett
  14. “Whitewash”, by Alex Kava
  15. “The Final Detail”, by Harlan Coben
  16. “One False Move”, by Harlan Coben
  17. “Drop Shot”, by Harlan Coben
  18. “Fade Away”, by Harlan Coben
  19. “The Spider Stone”, by Alex Archer
  20. “The Intelligencer”, by Leslie Silbert
  21. “Persuader”, by Lee Child
  22. “The Killing Floor”, by Lee Child
  23. “Die Trying”, by Lee Child
  24. “Fearless Fourteen”, by Janet Evanovich
  25. “The Last Oracle”, by James Rollins
  26. “Tripwire”, by Lee Child
  27. “Running Blind”, by Lee Child
  28. “Bad Luck and Trouble”, by Lee Child
  29. “Echo Burning”, by Lee Child
  30. “The Enemy”, by Lee Child
  31. “The Hard Way”, by Lee Child
  32. “Moscow Rules”, by Daniel Silva
  33. “Nothing to Lose”, by Lee Child
  34. “One Shot”, by Lee Child
  35. “Without Fail”, by Lee Child
  36. “Hell to Pay”, by George P. Pelecanos
  37. “The Garden of Evil”, by David Hewson
  38. “Devil Bones”, by Kathy Reichs
  39. “My Soul to Lose”, by Rachel Vincent
  40. “The Angel Experiment”, by James Patterson
  41. “Paranoia”, by Joseph Finder
  42. “By Reason of Insanity”, by Randy Singer
  43. “The Pawn”, by Steven James
  44. “Gone Tomorrow”, by Lee Child
  45. “The Reapers”, by John Connolly
  46. “206 Bones”, by Kathy Reichs
  47. “Treason”, by Don Brown
  48. “The Lost Symbol”, by Dan Brown
  49. “A Study in Scarlet”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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