A reference to someone who is particularly fond of books.

The books I have read in 2010.

  1. “I, Sniper”, by Stephen Hunter
  2. “Alter of Eden”, by James Rollins
  3. The 47th Samurai“, by Stephen Hunter
  4. “Gate House”, by Nelson DeMille
  5. “Night of Thunder”, by Stephen Hunter
  6. Written in Bone“, by Simon Beckett
  7. The Charlemagne Pursuit“, by Steve Berry
  8. The Paris Vendetta“, by Steve Berry
  9. Pirate Latitudes“, by Michael Crichton
  10. “The Gatekeeper”, by Michelle Gagnon
  11. The Mesa Conspiracy“, by David Kent
  12. “Critical Space”, by Greg Rucka
  13. “Patriot Acts”, by Greg Rucka
  14. The Ghost War“, by Alex Berenson
  15. “The Silent Man”, by Alex Berenson
  16. Back Spin“, by Harlan Coben
  17. Long Lost“, by David Morrell
  18. “The First Apostle”, by James Becker
  19. One False Move“, by Harlan Coben
  20. The Final Detail“, by Harlan Coben
  21. Darkest Fear” by Harlan Coben
  22. “The Ghost”, by Robert Harris
  23. “Dante’s Numbers”, by David Hewson
  24. “Pompeii”, by Robert Harris
  25. “The Chicago Way”, by Michael Harvey
  26. “Gone For Good”, by Harlan Coben
  27. “Book of Lies”,  by Brad Meltzer
  28. “The Watchman”, by Robert Crais
  29. Promise Me“, by Harlan Coben
  30. “The Moses Stone”, by James Becker
  31. “The Templar Throne”, by Paul Christopher
  32. Pale Horse Coming“, by Stephen Hunter
  33. “Long Lost”, by Harlan Coben
  34. A Very Private Gentleman“, by Martin Booth
  35. “Think of a Number”, by John Verdon
  36. “All the Pretty Girls”, by J. T. Ellison
  37. “Havana”, by Stephen Hunter
  38. “Time to Hunt”, by Stephen Hunter
  39. Black Light“, by Stephen Hunter
  40. “Day Before Midnight”, by Stephen Hunter
  41. “Worth Dying For”, by Lee Child
  42. “Numbered Account”, by Christopher Reich
  43. “Walking Dead”, by Greg Rucka
  44. The Devil’s Bed, by William Kent Krueger
  45. “What Time Devours”, by A. J. Hartley
  46. “The Woods”, by Harlan Coben
  47. “The Book of Love”, by Kathleen McGowan
  48. “A Nose for Justice”, by Rita Mae Brown
  49. “The Scarpetti Factor”, by Patricia Cornwall
  50. “The Defector”, by Daniel Silva
  51. “Full Cry”, by Rita Mae Brown

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