A reference to someone who is particularly fond of books.

An attempt to list the books I’ve read throughout the years in a vain attempt to keep from buying them a second time.

Read somewhere in the last 40 years…

“A Cold Heart”, by  Jonathan Kellerman
“A Fistful of Rain”, by  Greg Rucka
“A Gentleman’s Game”, by  Greg Rucka
“A Season for the Dead”, by  David Hewson
“Absolute Friends”, by John le Carre
“Absolute Zero”, by Chuck Logan
“After the Rain”, by Chuck Logan
“Amazonia”, by  James Rollins
“Angels & Demons”, by Dan Brown
“Bad Men”, by  John Connolly
“Bare Bones”, by  Kathy Reichs
“The Best Revenge”, by  Stephen White
“The Big Law”, by Chuck Logan
“The Black Angel”, by  John Connolly
“Black House”,by Stephen King
“The Blackjack Conspiracy”, by
“Blinded”, by  Stephen White
“Blood Hollow”, by  William Kent Krueger
“Blood Memory”, by Greg Iles
“Body Double”, by Tess Gerritsen
“Chasing the Dime”, by Michael Connelly
“Code to Zero”, by Ken Follett
“Cold Case”, by  Stephen White
“The Conspiracy Club”, by Jonathan Kellerman
“Conspiracy Theory”, by
“Contest”, by Matthew Reilly
“Critical Conditions”, by  Stephen White
“Critical Space”, by  Greg Rucka
“Cross Bones”, by  Kathy Reichs
“The Da Vinci Code”, by  Dan Brown
“Dante’s Equation”, by Jane Jensen
“Dark Hollow”, by  John Connolly
“The Dark Tower 4: Wizard and Glass”, by Stephen King
“Deadly Decisions”, by  Kathy Reichs
“Death du Jour”, by  Kathy Reichs
“Death Match”, by Lincoln Child
“Deception Point”, by  Dan Brown
“Deep Fathom”, by  James Rollins
“Deja Dead”, by  Kathy Reichs
“The Devil’s Bed”, by  William Kent Krueger
“Digital Fortress”, by  Dan Brown
“The Eighth Day”, by John Case
“Every Dead Thing”, by  John Connolly
“Excavation”, by  James Rollins
“Extreme Indifference”, by Stephanie Kane
“Fatal Voyage”, by  Kathy Reichs
“The Footprints of God”, by Greg Iles
“The Garden of Vipers”, by Jack Kerley
“Ghost Dancer” by John Case
“The Girls He Adored”, by Jonathan Nasaw
“Grave Secrets”, by  Kathy Reichs
“Haunted Ground”, by Erin Hart
“Homefront”, by Chuck Logan
“The Hundredth Man”, by Jack Kerley
“Hunter’s Moon”, by karen Robards
“Ice Hunt”, by  James Rollins
“The Intelligencer”, by Leslie Silbert
“Iron Lake”, by  William Kent Krueger
“The Jester”, by  James Patterson
“The Killing Hour”, by Lisa Gardner
“The Killing Kind”, by  John Connolly
“The Last Coyote “, by Michael Connelly
“Lord John and the Private Matter”, by Diana Gabaldon
“Lost Light”, by Michael Connelly
“Love Overboard”, by Janet Evanovich
“Manner of Death”, by  Stephen White
“Map of Bones”, by  James Rollins
“The Medici Dagger”, by Cameron West
“The Mesa Conspiracy”, by David Kent
“Missing Persons”, by  Stephen White
“Monday Mourning”, by  Kathy Reichs
“Mortal Fear”, by Greg Iles
“Motor Mouth”, by Janet Evanovich
“Night Fall”, by Nelson DeMille
“On Off”, by Collen McCullough
“Parallel Lies”, by Ridley Pearson
“Prey”, by Michael Crichton
“The Price of Blood “, by Chuck Logan
“Pride and Prejudice”, by Jane Austen
“Private Practices”, by  Stephen White
“Privileged Information”, by  Stephen White
“The Program”, by  Stephen White
“Raising Atlantis”, by Thomas Greanias
“The Rocky Road to Romance”, by Janet Evanovich
“The Rule of Four “, by Ian Caldwell, Dustin Thomason
“Sandstorm”, by  James Rollins
“Seabiscuit”, by Laura Hillenbrand
“Solstice”, by David Hewson
“Speaking In Tongues”, by Jeffery Deaver
“Spears of God”, by Howard Hendrix
“Still Life with Crows”, by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
“Subterranean”, by  James Rollins
“The Surgeon “, by Tess Gerritsen
“Thanksgiving”, by Janet Evanovich
“Therapy”, by Jonathan Kellerman
“Thief of Souls”, by Ann Benson
“The Third Secret “, by Steve Berry
“Three Plums In One”, by Janet Evanovich
“The Time Machine”, by HG Wells
“Undercurrents”, by
“Up Country”, by Nelson Demille
“Utopia”, by Lincoln Child
“The Vanished Man “, by Jeffery Deaver
“Vapor Trail”, by Chuck Logan
“The Villa of Mysteries”, by  David Hewson
“Warning Signs”, by  Stephen White
“The White Road”, by  John Connolly
“Whiteout”, by Ken Follett


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