Half a Century, part 2

As promised, I made an appointment with the local clinic to start having my blood pressure regulated. More hectic than Urgent Care, less chaotic than the ER, the health clinics fit in somewhere in the middle. It’s an odd set up. Before you can be seen by a doctor, you have to have an appointment. Before you can get an appointment, you have to meet with the receptionist. Before you can meet with the receptionist, you have to take a number. A number from a gadget you can find at the deli counter of the grocery store.

Once you get your number you have to sit in waiting room and wait until they call your number. If they fill up appointments before your number is called, you have to come back another day. Fortunately, I was the last number called and I now had an appointment with the doctor in a week.

I returned a week later, met with a doctor who prescribed a high blood pressure medicine, ordered blood work and sent me on my way. For a year I was good. I was eating better and exercising every day. I lost 15 lbs, my kidney “numbers” improved, my blood pressure was normal.

Then I started to notice I was getting hives more than usual. Mostly on my lips and eyelids, but some on my hands and feet. Then the hives started getting bigger and lasting longer. Which eventually became angioedema, a condition that basically means big, long-lasting, painful hives. When I got a hive in my throat, I finally stopped taking the medication. I figured that a hive that stopped me from breathing was a lot worse than the possibility of a stroke.

I was working, but wasn’t insured yet. I needed to find a new doctor, make an appointment, and get all this straightened out before something drastic happened.

This place was better. You could call and make an appointment like a doctor’s office, not like the deli counter at the local butcher. The doc sent me off for updated blood work, gave me a new bp medicine and sent me on my way. 2 doses later, my face blew up like a balloon.

Around this time, I was 3 weeks into my new job. They frown on working from home and would rather me be in the office. But one day I had to tell my manager I was working from home. I explained that I was having an allergic reaction to my medication and my face was swollen. It sounded like a lame excuse, so I took a picture of my swollen face that left only the bottom lip and my right eye untouched to show her the next time I was in the office.

I took 2 Benadryl every 4 hours to little or no effect. By 6 pm I could finally feel the swelling subside and I could see out of my left eye.

Prescription 2 down the drain! Shortly followed by Prescription 3! I am now considered a medical phenomenon.

Where is Doctor House?!!!?

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2 Responses to Half a Century, part 2

  1. You should have posted the picture!

  2. Mikki says:

    I’m trying to build an audience, Sister, not scare it away!

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