What in the World!

Here’s a wish I wish for me
A simple life where I could be
A writer of stories for a fee.
Alas, though it’s not my key
For paying bills and buying tea
So words you’ll get if I see
Less time spent on bended knee

Sorry Folks. I tried to work “Pee” into the mix but couldn’t fit it in!

It feels like YEARS since I’ve written anything meaningful! Too much work, too much Facebook, not enough creativity flowing through my brain.

Whenever I’m going to write a “recap” post, I usually go through my calendar and look at all the fun stuff that’s happened. I have several calendars, color coded for easier perusal. In preparing for this post, I switched to the “Fun Stuff” Red calendar…and cried. Oh sure, there’s some red dots scattered here and there, but at an infrequency that’s embarrassing.

There’s nothing I can do about it, except embellish my tales, one at a time. Creative license and all that. 🙂

So, lets start the first story sometime In march, where I found myself ready to take on the responsibilities of dog ownership once again. I’d been searching through the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County website looking for a young, female, shepherd pup that i could add to my life. meeting with a volunteer from the organization, I told her my plans were to adopt one now, train it, then adopt a second one later as I had my heart set on having two dogs.

Wouldn’t you know though, just that week they had a bonded pair come into the shelter. Found wandering around a SoCal town, a female German Shepherd and a male Doberman, both about 3. Neutered (and spayed), well kept, trained but incredibly, not microchipped or tagged. Meeting with the approval of the organization, almost a year to the day after losing my last four legged companion to cancer, I became the proud momma of two beautiful dogs that outweighed and outmuscled me. I named them Isobeau and Navarre after characters in the movie LadyHawke.

I thought my last dog was big, but now I realize she was just fat. A big dog is one who has to go to his knees to crawl out of the Large Size dog door. A big dog is one that requires the Extra Large dog door that practically cuts your back door in half to install. Of course, a large size dumb person can easily crawl in through the door. A large size smart person would wonder what kind of monster was going to crawl out.

And while my last dog often times took food off the counter, pushing it to the back of the counter usually solved that issue. But a big dog can rest his head on the counter while having all four feet on the ground. That required a whole other food saving strategy, namely, a large fridge and higher cabinets.

I also discovered they loved to jump on my couch on the inside, and my jacuzzi cover on the outside to bark at anyone walking a dog. If they weren’t so scary looking, it would have been funny. To see two monster dog heads peering over a 6 foot fence had everyone (except me) intimidated. Eventually, I was able to break them of that habit.

The couch thing took some trial and error. Eventually I settled on the latest fangled couch saving gadget, called, The Dog Gate. A Tall Dog Gate. 41” from top to bottom, installed 6 more inches off the ground for a total height of 49” just to keep the ever athletic dogs on the other side. Because not only were they jumping on the couch, they were leaving snotty nose smears all over my windows, ripping my curtains and damaging the pillows on my couch. When they weren’t sleeping on them. Or on my bed. With this miracle of modern fangled gadgetry, they can wander my kitchen and office and the whole of the great outdoors covered in my property taxes. I can rest assured that I won’t be coming home to any couch disasters.

Walking them together was a treat. Or so I thought until they spotted their first squirrel. {SQUIRREL? SQUIRREL?} Now Cesar Millan says that you should be calm and assertive with your dogs. Both are an impossibility when your dogs are dragging you down the sidewalk, up a tree, while they’re barking and you’re laughing. I realized they needed a bit more training in the dog walking area and as time consuming as it is, they each get walked 1-2 hours a day separately. Squirrel sightings still get them all excited, but all four feet remain on the ground right by my side.

Another quirk they have is to steal my shoes and slippers. They don’t do anything destructive with them though. It just seems they need something to cuddle up with when I’m not home. I just wish they would learn to put them back when they’re done with them.

All in all, it’s good to have the 4 legged furry variety of family back in my home.

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