Last Chance to Earn 1.25% APY on a 3-month, FDIC-insured CD
On new deposits of $25K or more by 11/8/10.

This was the latest offer by my online stock trading company. By my calculations, investing $25,000 with their CD would get me $25,078 after 3 months; $25,315 after 12. I can earn that by not going to Starbucks for two months.

Without tying up 25 k.

It’s probably an invasion of a million different laws for them to actually look at my stock portfolio before sending me such a ridiculous offer, but a small peek should tell them that $25,000 invested my way for one year would have grown to $42,500.

That’s right, my average annual return is 65%. Since I’ve started investing? 99.13% return on my investment. I can buy a Starbucks franchise!

If I only drank coffee…

Since my last check in, I’ve sold Ameristar Casino, Healthways Inc, HRPT Property Trust and Vasco Data Security, under-performers all. Then used the money to buy up more shares of Activision, DreamWorks Animation, Rosetta Stone, Discovery Communications and…STARBUCKS!

Netflix has consistently been my top earner, holding the largest ROI spot all year, jumping 262 points in the past 6 months to sit at 571% ROI.

My biggest loser? FUN (Cedar Fair). Not to worry though! As long as my returns are up I’ll be having Fun!

Stocks 2010

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