The Road Ahead

I signed up for a new checking and savings account at a local bank. A few days later I received in the mail paperwork describing my interest rates. If I keep $50,000 or more in my savings account, I can earn .01%! Oh boy! That’s .01% more than my mattress pays! Fortunately for me, I keep my money in the stock market. While it is more  nerve-wracking, at least it is not boring.

In August of 2009, I saw that my portfolio was on its way back up after the 2008 “crash”, and like an idiot I stopped paying attention to it. In January 2010 I received some mail explaining that Marvel was being bought out by Disney. I already had shares of Disney from the Pixar buyout, and I was a little sad to see Marvel go as it had been one of my stellar performers throughout, but more Disney would probably work out.

In April I bought a new iMac computer. With dual processors, it is able to run both Macintosh software and Windows software at the same time. I spent a weekend getting all of my software and data from 2 computers onto one computer. While figuring out my new financial software I discovered that I had neglected my portfolio for too long. There was a large sum of money sitting in the cash account of my portfolio where it was earning less than 1%. What I should have done was BUY BUY BUY when the market was at its lowest! What a missed opportunity!

But moving on, I spent some time evaluating my old stocks and  researching new. I decided to sell GamesStop and purchase Ford Motor Co. and Rosetta Stone Inc. GameStop had performed well, but there were indications that the company was about to change and it was time to take my profits and run.

I personally use Rosetta Stone software and it seems to be gaining in popularity so I bought some shares. The decision to purchase Ford Motor Co was a difficult one. Besides the recent issues with the American automotive  industry as a whole, I’ve never been a big fan of the auto industry. I think they could have been doing more for gas consumption and environmental issues and less for CEO pay. But they currently seem to be “getting it” and so far, they seem to be doing well as their first quarter reports indicated.

Netflix has entered the 300% ROI mark, with Dolby Labs a distant 2nd with 150% and Apple Inc 3rd at 91%. With these three on top, they more than balance out my losers, leaving me sitting on returns of almost 60%.

Much better than my bank!

Stocks 2010

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