The Next Level

I have now entered a new level of geekdom. I can now “write” my blog posts via a voice recognition software. They say it’s faster than typing but I’m not sure. At least it allows me to correct any part of the recording after I recorded it. I’m sure once I get used to it, it will be much easier. The hardest part is remembering all of my punctuation, like commas, periods and paragraphs. I need to speak slowly so that the computer can pick up all the sounds. I sound like a robot when I speak hopefully I’ll be able to get a better pattern down when I speak.

Although I’ve been told that my writing sounds just like my speaking, it’s a lot harder thinking in “speaking” than it is thinking in “writing”!

So, this whole post was dictated into one software package on my iPhone, pasted into my blog software on the iPhone, then uploaded to my blog site!

I love my iPhone!

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2 Responses to The Next Level

  1. jebs says:

    True geekdom!! Sounds like fun though!!

  2. Johna says:

    This will never take the place of my job . . . the doctors will NEVER get the hang of dictating punctuation! I’ll be an editor FOREVER!

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