Three Down

While listening to a podcast the other day, the interviewer and the interviewee were discussing all the different social networking sites. They discussed the advantages and disadvantages of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.

The -er asked the question, “If people are spending their time on social networking sites, then what AREN’T they spending time doing?”

And the -ee answered, “Human interaction & family time”.

Now, I have to disagree. While I might not spend as much time with friends as I’d like, it’s not because I’m on Facebook. What I am no longer spending as much time doing is watching TV. I don’t know if I’m just getting older, or if the shows are getting dumber, but I’ve already dropped three shows from my evening viewing. Of which I’ve only replaced one.

The first to go was CSI:NY. I think Gary Sinise is great. I liked the show for the New York setting and characters, letting me “go home” for an hour each week. I cannot take the spoon-feeding deliver of this show. I don’t remember it being this bad in the first season. The evidence is gathered and the actor’s lines make sure you do not miss its importance. I also do not like the way show developed into relationship dramas instead of keeping the highlight on the forensics.

The second to go was another CSI. The original one. (I watched CSI:Miami ONCE, but David Caruso was just too much to bare.) I actually stopped watching last year when 3 of the main characters left. First Sara, then Warrick, then Grissom. I decided to give Lawrence Fishbourne a fair chance, and he is great, but it’s just a different show now and I’m not interested. The camaraderie is missing, as is the quirkiness.

The third show I decided to stop watching is Numb3rs. I hate math and I suck at it, but the first years of this show were fascinating. I understand math is the underlying structure to just about everything, but this show, too, started to delve more into the relationship drama and less into the math theorems. I guess the available math theories can only take you so far! And with Peter Macnicol having only a reoccurring role on the show, it is not fun to watch.

I started watching NCIS:Los Angeles only because I’m already sitting in front of the TV when it comes on. I was so disappointed in the season premier of this show. The lead in episode of this show on NCIS looked so good! I’ve liked Chris O’Donnell since I saw Scent of a Woman, but he seems to get the shaft in all his roles. The actor chemistry on this show is HORRENDOUS as is the acting, especially coming directly after NCIS. I tried to give it more than one episode, but the next three were just as bad. To save himself, Mr. O’Donnell needs to go undercover to another show. I’ve started to going to bed early on Tuesday, as I’d rather read.

I was debating if I should give White Collar a shot. It seemed like a combination of “Catch Me If You Can” and “Leverage” and I was not interested in another duplicate show. But with Numb3rs a disappointment, and me being sick, I figured I’d watch at least one episode. Parking my butt in front of the TV, wrapped in a blanket, snuggling with the Fat Dog sounded like a great idea. The show turned out to be great! I was a little nervous at first, when it started out similar to Leverage, but by the end, it was different enough that I can watch both without getting con artist overload.

I have to tell you, though, if Booth and Bones do not get out of their relationship drama soon, it is going to be four down.

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