La Boda de mi Hermana

My writing has not been keeping up with my life! I have so many stories to tell, I don’t know where to start.

I came down with a cold this weekend. A lousy line to start a story with, but…

The problem with head colds is you do not feel the need to stay in bed, until walking from the bedroom to the living room leaves you feeling like you ran a marathon. Not that I have ever run a marathon. Nor will I ever, head cold or no. You just become thankful that there is a comfortable piece of furniture at the end of the walk.

I was actually looking forward to working on my own home this weekend but those plans went awry when I returned from a short trip to San Diego with a snotty nose and stuffy head. Instead, I watched as many NCIS reruns as I could stand, and read a few of my books. Nothing was grabbing my attention on HGTV and I perused the NY Sunday Times “cover” to cover.

And then it was 10 am.

So, with no energy for anything but storytelling in the form of typing, here’s the latest. Hop aboard my time travel machine all the way back to…August 2009.

My sister was getting married, finally, to the man of my dreams. Not that I dreamed of him, of course, but he was the kind of man you WANT your sister to marry. Not the kind of man you fantasize about burying in a deep hole the back yard filled with quicklime, but the kind of man who can run the backhoe in case you need just such a hole. A man’s man, and all that, but more importantly, someone I trusted with my sister’s and nephews’ welfare.

They were high school friends, having lost touch over the years because of time and circumstance. She moved to Florida while he finished school. They were reacquainted at, of all places, their high school. My sister accompanied our cousin to her 20th reunion and just like that, it was 20 years earlier. I won’t bore you with all the dating details, because frankly, they’re boring. We’ll just fast forward 4 years to the best part.


And my first vacation since 2006.

They decided on a “destination” wedding, which was fine with me because I was ready for a destination. Their destination of choice was Cancun, Mexico. A perfect destination as any and to one I had never been. The resort of choice was the Moon Place Golf and Spa Resort. It was wonderful! It is an all-inclusive resort where all the food you want, all the drinks you want, and most of the attractions you want, plus tips, are included in the room price. The only thing not included is the Older-Sister-Always-a-Bridesmaid-never-the-Bride-have-to-share-with-Mom discount. But for a week in paradise with my family, I could deal.

Besides me, my sister and her two boys, our mother and my (future) brother in law and his two children, a few assorted friends and family members were making the trek down to share in the big day. I tell you, if the whole party can get along, these group vacations are a blast! All told, there were 21 of us at the wedding. We spent most of the week lounging poolside where it was easier to keep the heat at bay. We did take advantage of a few tours offered by the hotel but Mexico in August is best spent in the pool, cool drink in hand, laughing, splashing and chatting, building a lifetime of memories with good friends and family.

Johna and Ed and the wedding "Party"

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One Response to La Boda de mi Hermana

  1. Johna says:

    Nice tale . . . most of it is true =)

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