(verb) to change and improve something by correcting faults, removing inconsistencies and abuses, and imposing modern methods or values

Okay, I’m completely over the Health Care Debate. The information is so convoluted that it is impossible to understand the pros and cons.

How do I see it?

As two separate issues. One is Health Insurance, the other is Health Care. Health Insurance is defined as protection against loss due to ill health for which a premium is paid. Health Care is defined as the preservation of mental and physical health by preventing or treating illness through services offered by the health profession

It’s not Health Care that’s run amok. Any one, at any time, can seek medical attention for whatever ails them. There are plenty of doctors, hospitals and emergency rooms. The difficulties enter with the paying for the services, and the secondary costs that accrue during any possible rehabilitation.

In a utopian world, a person who sustains an injury would be rushed to the hospital for treatment, cared for during months of rehabilitation, while their household and other living expenses are paid for, until such a time they can resume with their responsibilities. Here in Mikutopia no doctors make mistakes, no one takes advantage of the system and everyone recovers to live happily ever after.

And here is where utopia comes to a screeching halt.

Mr. Jekyll decides to go to med school with the altruistic desire to learn as much about medicine as humanly possible to help those that need it most. After incurring a bazillion dollar debt, Mr. is now Dr. and is ready to hang out his shingle. One day, Dr. J heals a patient who is less than pleased with the results. Dr. J, cleared of any wrongdoing watches helplessly as his mal-practice premiums go up anyhow. Needing not only to pay off student loans but also to meet an unrealistic overhead, he has no choice but to raise his rates.

Insure-Is-Us Inc opens its doors. Its corporate mission is to provide protection against loss due to ill health for anyone that can pay for it. Strong bottom line, strong business. Weak bottom line, no business. Survival of the fittest. If they pay out more benefits than premiums collected, well then, so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good night. While the public corporate mission remains unchanged, the private statement changes to protect that bottom line at all costs! Preexisting conditions, experimental treatment, out of network, unnecessary treatment, paperwork snafu – whatever it takes!

Johnny McD decides at the tender age of five that fruits and veggies suck. So does exercise. Pop tarts, ice cream and brownies RULE! Xbox, Playstation and Gameboy are COOL! Obesity is the rage. Type II diabetes is king! High score on the high blood pressure cuff! Johnny becomes John, and suffers gallbladder issues, joint issues, breathing issues, cholesterol issues. Now he needs a quick fix. Pills and surgery are the answer! Wahoo for health insurance!

My opinion? Leave it alone. It seems to be in such a state of disrepair that it shouldn’t be long before the whole thing collapses all together.

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