Spinning Out of Control

Whatever yahoo decided 24 hours was enough time for one day obviously required no sleep.

Not being one of those rare few who could get by on 4 hours of sleep, I have been finding myself without the necessary time in my day to get everything done that needs doing. Not to mention not getting the necessary sleep my body needs. My awareness of this situation arrived front and center when I was pulled over in my truck by a motorcycle cop.

2 blocks from my house.

Before I had breakfast.

With a hot attic job ahead.

He pulled me over because I wasn’t wearing my seat belt. That’s not really a surprise, because, for some reason, I never wear my seat belt in my truck. I always wear it in my car, but never in my truck. I can’t explain. I wear my seat belt when others are driving, as long as they put their seat belt on which reminds me my belt has not yet been secured.

He sneaks up along side my truck with his hand on his gun. I can be scary first thing in the morning but I don’t think the gun is required. He explains to me why he pulled me over, which is my aforementioned failure to wear my seat belt. And here is our conversation.

“Good morning. Do you know why I pulled you over?” he asks.

“I could guess”, I say.

“You are not wearing your seat belt. Is there any legal reason why you’re not wearing your seat belt?” he questions.

Is there a legal reason to not wear a seat belt?” I answer with my own question.

“Can I see your license, registration and insurance card? Did you also know that 2 of your 3 brake lights are not working?”

This is around the time I realize that while I seem to be working nonstop on one thing or another, trying to get ahead (or at least even!) important parts of my life are spinning out of my control.

For those with short attention spans, I’ll recap the story so far: I’m wearing no seat belt, I do not have enough brake lights, I have yet to eat breakfast and I’m looking at a hot day in an attic.

My day gets worse when he returns to my window with my EXPIRED registration card and EXPIRED insurance card. Now mind you, only the cards were expired, not the actual services. I know that, the DMV knows that, my insurance company knows that, but the cop doesn’t know that. While I was only ticketed for the seat belt violation, I now have to appear in court with proof I am insured and registered. AND, I have to figure out why my brake lights keep going out.

After returning home from what turned out to be a relatively nice, short day in an attic, I looked around for my truck’s important paperwork. I was sure all that I needed was right there in the stacks of paper waiting patiently in my office (and kitchen and living room and dining room and bathroom) to be filed or thrown away. Gathering all scattered papers and bringing them into my office, I looked through them all yet never found the up-to-date auto paperwork.

Logging on to the DMV website, I discovered I had to pay $18 for a duplicate card to be sent to me. I don’t know why I need a registration card, when I have a registration tag, and I especially don’t know why I have to pay $18 for a duplicate piece of paper. Fortunately, my insurance company can send me duplicate insurance cards free of charge.

Unfortunately, during the call to the insurance company,  I found my auto insurance premiums had increased. Arguing with them over the reasons why and not satisfied with their reasons for the rate increase, I hung up on them and immediately searched for a new insurance company.

Because I have nothing else to do.

Again, to recap – I am wearing no seat belt, I do not have enough brake lights, I have yet to eat breakfast and I’m looking at a hot day in an attic, I have no registration card, I have no insurance card, I live in a disaster area, DMV sucks, Insurance companies are pirates.

Realizing around 7pm that I was just plumb tuckered out from working 3 weeks without a day off, I decided to take a day off. Once I made the decision, I took a look around at all that work that needed doing around my house and almost decided going to work would be easier. In my 6 room house, not ONE room was clean. Not ONE was clutter free. Shoes, clothes, papers, magazines, dust, oh so much dust, covered every surface. My kitchen had become my junk drawer. The bathroom had 3 days of clothes on the floor. The living room had multiple pairs of shoes kicked off willy nilly. In an attempt to escape, I went to my bedroom only to realize I couldn’t remember the last time I changed the sheets or had the bedspread cleaned. That’s just gross.

It was looking like I’d need more than a day off to get a grip.

What I needed was a list. Lists make the world go round in a nice orderly fashion. I made a list. My list had 7 things on it which looked reasonable. Change my sheets and bedding was the 1st on the list and finished before I went to bed. 6 things remaining. The morning bode well.

With a new day, a new mood. Not only did I accomplish everything on my list, but I was able to add two others to it and had it all finished by noon.

Just in time for a well deserved nap.

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4 Responses to Spinning Out of Control

  1. Kathy Hoover says:

    Wow, I can’t believe all that! Guess it true what they say, “When it rains it pours”. Sounds like you need Portillo’s!

  2. Earla says:

    I agree with Kathy – just let me know when you want to go and I’m there!! Hey I got time off coming! LOL

  3. Mikki says:

    Oh, heck yeah! Portillos can solve all the world’s problems! When you get back from your travels, we’ll call Earla and the rest of the gang and head on over…

  4. Mikki says:

    Here! Here! As soon as Kathy gets back in to town we’ll make a plan.

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