In Other Words

Ho il piacere di comunicarLe che la sua domanda di riconoscimento della Cittadinanza Italiana “jure sanguinis è stata accettata con esito favorevole e la relativa documentazione trasmessa per la trascrizione nei registri di stato civile del Comune di Ragusa. Lei dovrà recarsi presso questo Consolato Generale, per la serie di provvedimenti amministrativi da intraprendere, tesi a regolarizzare la vostra posizione di fronte allo stato: principalmente l’iscrizione in anagrafe consolare e l’iscrizione A.I.R.E. (Anagrafe italiani residenti all’estero)

La preghiamo pertanto di voler compilare l’allegato modulo A.I.R.E. e di inviarlo o consegnarlo con cortese urgenza presso questo Consolato (Att Ufficio AIRE) per il seguito di competenza.

Se desidera richiedere il primo passaporto italiano la informiamo che, per esigenze di ufficio, potrete presentarne domanda a partire da due mesi dalla data di questa lettera.

AT LAST! In early 2008, I made my last stop to the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles. It was then I dropped of all the paperwork gathered for my application for dual citizenship with Italy. Every necessary certificate, every necessary apostille, every necessary translation was then headed to Sicily for confirmation of my blood line.

The confirmation process was supposed to take 4 months or so, and to tell the truth, I completely forgot about the application until late December. I was reminiscing on my vacation to Sicily 2 years previous when I remembered that I had not heard from the consulate. I decided to wait until after the holidays to inquire as to my citizenship status.

It’s hard to make any kind of contact with the LA Consulate. If you call the number outside of work hours, you get a message that directs you to their website for all the answers. Of course, “Is my paperwork ready yet?” isn’t a question the website can answer. The message also tells you that you can send an email with any questions. In mid January, I sent an email to the appropriate email address at the consulate inquiring about the status of my application. And got no response.

The automated voice response system also gives the option to push this button for that, or that button for this. Which I follow precisely. Eventually, after pushing all the right buttons, I finally get an answering machine that says, “Do not leave a message on this line. It will not be heard.”

In late January, I decided to call the consulate during business hours to see if something different might happen. Nothing different really, but during operating hours there is one department that allows you to leave a message, with the promise of “we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”. I left a message with the General Information department and hoped for the best.

Having heard nothing for almost a month after leaving my message with General Information, I decided to head into LA on my first free Friday and make an appearance at the Consulate. Friday February 27th was that first Friday free and I was determined to find out the status of my application.

Fortunately for me, in Saturday’s mail was my acceptance letter stating (in a courtesy translation):

Dear Ms Popovich,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for recognition of the Italian citizenship “jure sanguinis” has been favorably accepted. Therefore, you may now complete the required administrative procedures to regularize your position towards the Italian State.

Please fill out the enclosed AIRE form and return in person or by mail it promptly to this Consulate General, Attention AIRE Office.

If you wish to apply for your first Italian passport, you may do so in two months from the date of this letter.

I am now free on the 27th to choose my villa colors! 😉

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