5th A.P.P.L.E. Girl’s Weekend at Weesha

— also known as the Annual Pickin’, Peelin’, Laughin’ and Eatin’ Weekend.

Deciding that last year was much fun, almost all chose to arrive as early as possible to the start of the weekend. The two late arrivals were there in time for Saturday morning breakfast. With the whole gang there, it was time to get started! Several headed off to the orchards to pick the ripest of apples while others prepared some mid day treats. It seems that if we weren’t eating, we were preparing something to eat, or cleaning up after we ate!

Part of the weekend was spent trying to remember if it was, in fact, the 5th annual. I was hoping so, because last year I wrote about the 4th annual weekend. After much deliberation, the consensus was “5th” annual.

The weather was much more enjoyable (for me) than last year’s chilly rain. There were mild temperatures during the day and enough of a chill at night to enjoy the heat of the fire. Most of the time I just sat around trying to digest the latest meal, or process the sugar overload. Last year’s “Girl Scout” moment came when Jane led the troops in the raising of the flag ceremony. This year, she impressed us all with her campfire gingerbread treat, cooked in a dutch oven over the open flame.

While I’m sure that none of the fruits of their labor (pun intended) remain, pictures of peeling, laughing, eating and playing are here.

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