My Head is Spinning

Every time I sit down to write a nice little story, another part of the world implodes and I am glued to CNN to the detriment of blog posting.

Debates, rescue plans, crime, and of course, the stock market. Wall Street vs Main Street. CEOs vs Employees. Recession vs Depression. Rescues vs Bailouts. I am trying to follow it all. I am trying to UNDERSTAND it all.

America used to be crammed with pioneers, adventurers, inventors. Nothing explained the American spirit better than the word “entrepreneur” did. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained could have been our motto. Somewhere along the way, we lost that drive.

I find the stories endlessly captivating. I am thrilled by the level of involvement of the “people”. It is about time the average American is again paying attention to the world around them. The conversations I have with friends are involved. The conversations of strangers I overhear are invigorating and stimulating in their diversity.

As bad as it all is, with the worse still yet to come, I have my theories as to why. However, the causes are in the past and the future is starting to stir.

I am starting to stir.

I WILL vote in November.

I WILL invest more money in the stock market.

I WILL seek new adventures.

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2 Responses to My Head is Spinning

  1. Earla Feldman says:

    I have to agree that it is very invigoratiing to see a lot of people (myself included) getting very involved in what’s going on in our world. It’s a shame though that it took a financial crisis to do it! (BTW…on your website – if I go direct – I see your very first post – not the newest like it used to..what’s up with that??)

  2. Mikki says:

    I changed my blog so that the “About” page is static. Most of the people who “read” my blog subscribe to the stories via email. Others who find my page can then read the stories by category, which has more of a flow to it. Make sense? It’s an experiment.

    I think the financial crisis brought to head ALL the other stuff that’s been going on. It’s kind of like joining all the battles into one major war. Some people have been battling CEO pay for a while. Some people have been battling subprime mortgages for a while. Some people have been battling stagnant incomes for a while. Some people have been battling corporate and Wall Street excesses for a while. But they were all little battles without a central command. NOW, the more areas that implode, the easier is has become to see how it’s all interconnected. What is so incredible to me is how much it is affecting the WHOLE world.

    Bin laden bombed the World Trade Center thinking that if Wall St shut down, then greedy, selfish, money driven America would collapse. Fortunately, for us, all we had to do was stop the clock, reset it to September 10th and continue business as usual as soon as a new location was set up. Which, oddly enough, was a scene in a Tom Clancy novel.

    UN-fortunately for us, bin laden’s philosophy was accurate.

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