Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For a while there, I did not recycle. Separating my trash and treasures turned out to be a scam when it was discovered that all the stuff ended up in one place anyhow. Now, recycling is a little different. It is taken a lot more seriously.

I have a friend who has two garbage pails in her kitchen: a one-gallon pail, and a 13-gallon pail. One is for trash, and the other for recyclable items. I would always throw stuff in the wrong pails. Who would have thought a single woman living alone would have 13 gallons of recyclable stuff a week, and not much garbage.

I decided that it was time for me to start being greener, so when I got home, I set up a recycle bag. I knew I did not have as much recycle as garbage, so the recyclable stuff got the smaller can.

Silly me.

Turns out that more of the stuff I use can be recycled than previously thought. Meandering over to my city’s refuse website, I learned that short of soiled paper towels and tissues, and food products, almost everything else can be recycled. I switched my pails around, apologized to my friend and started recycling.

In went junk mail, cereal boxes, and milk cartons. The aluminum cans from tuna, olives and cat food found their way into recycling. Plastic bottles from my diet of water, peanut butter and yogurt were added to the mix.

The website also offered up what I could do with my foodstuff. Mainly, compost it. Buying a compost bin at a nice discount from my city, I started throwing in fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, tea leaves and grass and plant trimmings. It’s already due for its first turning! When the compost is ready I’m going to give it to my neighbor to use in her garden, where she grows tomatoes, corn and broccoli.

I’m going Green!

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One Response to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Your green cousin says:

    California has always been more progressive in terms of conserving water, and now they can add you to their list of green people (I don’t expect you to turn into Ed Harris or anything). We started composting food scraps when we lived in Stratford, but not having the right bin, it was more of a vermin magnet. Now, we have a 55 gal plastic drum that prevoiusly held fire suppressive foam (reuse), and John rolls it around. He dumped some “aged” compost on my garden this spring, and in addition to what I planted, I also grew cherry tomatoes and pumpkins! There are also some kind of squash or gourds growing near the bin. I actually enjoy the suprise vegetables. Maybe you’ll get some too. After all, you are what you eat, and so is your compost!!

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