Cosmic Wheel Turning

It should come as no surprise to those that know me that I am huge Blues fan. XM Radio’s Bluesville is a preset on the radios in my car, truck and house and usually playing when I’m in the mood for music. The strange thing is I probably could not tell you the names of more than 4 blues artists, then or now. I do not really know the words to many of the songs either. I simply like the way the music moves me.

About year ago, my cousin, Sallie, told me that her son (also my cousin 🙂 ) was invited to play in a band with a long time friend of his. I was not even aware he played the guitar, let alone had an interest in playing in a band. As it turns out, Christopher played for his own amusement from the comfort of his couch. I guess that is the musicians’ equivalent to “singing in the shower”.

Located in NYC, they mostly play venues in Lower Manhattan but decided to do a little traveling this fall and put together a 3-week tour.

Thursday afternoon, Sallie sent me a link to two of their youtube videos recorded at their shows in Fort Collins, Colorado. After watching the videos, I discovered two things. First, they were a blues band. Usually when 20 somethings get together to play in a band, they play rock, and the harder the better. Two, I did not realize they were GREAT! Usually, when 20 somethings get together to play in a band, they play rock, and they play it loud, mostly to cover up the fact they probably should not give up their day job.

The youtube videos were okay, but the sound quality is never that great, so I Google-d them to find the band’s website. Band sites have the mastered mp3s and all the quality associated with mastering. Finding their site, I listened to their music link, and then headed to their video link. If you head to the Sullivan Hall video, that is my cousin on the left, with the red guitar, and the black Guinness tee shirt.

Fortunately, they also had their calendar of upcoming gigs. A click and a scroll reveal a gig at Molly Malone’s in Los Angeles that night!

Now, I’m not going to get into the fact that neither he, nor his mom, nor his aunt (also my cousin!) called to let me know he’d be in town. I decided to go to their gig and hope he would recognize me. I headed into LA early hoping to catch them before their set started so I could sit and chat with him a bit.

Arriving at a time that can only be construed as cosmic influenced timing; I parked my car, walked around the corner and arrived just as they were unloading their truck.

I stood patiently on the sidewalk, waiting for him to turn around and see me, but he was much too intent on getting the gear out. The lead singer, Craig, noticed me and said hello. Craig’s fiancé, Nattallie, noticed me and said hello. A few other local friends noticed me and said hello. Chris still unloaded.

Deciding that it was best to redirect his attention before I was arrested as a psycho stalker fan, I called his name to get his attention. A brief second to connect the dots, then I was being crushed in a backbreaking hug!

We chatted, catching up on much, then I watched a wonderful set of entertaining blues!

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1 Response to Cosmic Wheel Turning

  1. Earla says:

    I think that is just awesome! One to have a talented musician in the family and the other to actually be able to enjoy a set or two of his music!!

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