So close! Yet, so far…

My living room is coming together quite nicely. I finally got the room painted, trimmed out and ready for the sanding of the floor. I think the effect is stunning, even if it is my own work! Never having lived in a house with walls that curve before meeting the ceiling, I wasn’t exactly sure how to paint the room. Do I paint the whole room one color? Do I stop part way up the wall? Do I stop part way on the ceiling?

I had a client who stopped the deep blue color of her walls right before the curve started. She had installed picture rail there then painted the ceiling down to the picture rail white. It looked nice, but made the room look short. Plus, it was hard to see the curve.

I decided to do the opposite and paint the color of the walls up and around the curve, stopping at the point on the ceiling where the curve ended. Then paint the ceiling a different, contrasting color. I put molding at the point where the two colors met.

With that decision made, next was to figure out the color scheme I wanted. Usually I go out and find curtains I like then paint the room a color in the curtains. This time, I found the paint I liked first. I really like the faux suede look, and the richness of the colors fits my style, so I went with Ralph Lauren’s Suede “Angel Fire” for the walls, and “Rancho” for the ceiling.

The suede-look adds a great texture to the walls without really adding texture to the walls. It is a time consuming process. The first coat took me about 3 hours to put on. The second coat took me well over 15.

But it sure is pretty!

I started looking for curtains on line, then realized I was going to have to go into the store. JCPenny’s was having a Labor Day sale, so I figured it was time to go window treatment shopping.

I’m sure finding curtains to match mauve walls, tan ceilings, light tan leather couch and black accessories would be a piece of cake. Not to mention that the room was both a dining room and living room. What would be comfortable for a living room was too heavy for a dining room. And vice versa.

After about an hour of curtain shopping, I found the perfect combination of curtains. On sale too!

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