All in a Day’s Work

Alrighty then! I have finally uploaded my “portfolio” of home remodels to flickr. And you know what? I need to take more pictures, and better ones at that! Maybe include pictures of the smiling homeowners!

It took awhile to get all of the jobs up there, labeled and sorted. I have been trying to take before shots, and then use those to take the after shots. I tried to put the “before” right next to the “afters” so while viewing in slideshow mode you can immediately see the difference. I am also trying to figure out how to make the floor plans I used into something flickr can understand.

What are missing though are the truly “after” pictures. The pictures showing the final touches the homeowner does after I leave. Hanging curtains, painting repaired areas, or moving furniture back into place. I went to a party the other night where I had installed lights in a niche in the dining room. The niche was to be used as a display area for the couple’s glassware. After I left, the husband painted the patch around the new light switch and receptacle and hung nice glass shelves. The wife added all the stemware in a beautiful display. While I did not have my camera, I was able to drag other guests into the area to show them my work.

Some of my projects involve so much remodel that the before’s and after’s do not match. I guess it is like a “ya had to be there” kind of joke.

I also do not take pictures of before and after paint jobs. It is not only hard to see how bad the original paint was, it is also hard to tell how good the new job is. All you can see is a color change, and I’m not sure that is even helpful.

It all does give me more practice on my camera.

You can find all my jobsite photos at under All in a Day’s Work.

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