I went to visit goods friends, Dave and Laura this week. As Laura is a big fan of knitting, I was telling them a short story from my childhood, where my family and I would be sitting in the living room watching TV. While Mom had half an ear tuned to the TV, the other ear was plugged into a transistor radio listening to the NY Rangers play-by-play. She would also knit, or sometimes crochet and her needles would be going clickity, clickity, click. As the pace of action increased by the skaters, so too would the clicking of the needles. While we could not hear the game, we could tell the intensity of the action by the speed of her clicking needles. When the action slowed, perhaps to set up a nice play or a time out, the needles would return to a normal rhythm. Occasionally, the action increased, needles clickityclickityclickity right along, until both hands forgot the knitting, instead rising in victory at a Ranger’s goal.

Not hearing the game, the whoop of satisfaction at the goal always caught us by surprise.

The purpose of my visit, beside their wonderful company, was to pick up my very own pair of hand knit wool socks. Laura is in the business of creating and selling patterns of knitting projects. Buying various yarns, she devises the perfect stitch pattern and count to complement the kind of yarn used, then knits herself a new item. Sometimes the job is complicated by the varying colors in the yarns. On this occasion, after many frustrating tries she managed to create the perfect pattern and knitted “Grandiflora“.

Only thing, she misjudged her foot size. After knitting one complete sock, it turned out to be a tad too small for her foot. Too bad for her, perfect for me, as my feet are a bit smaller than hers are. She could have ripped out the first sock, making it longer to fit, but she decided that my begging for a pair of socks was pitiful and gave them to me.

As they say in my business, “Measure twice, cut once. But if you forget, it pays to have smaller friends.”

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  1. Laura says:

    Glad you like the socks. I’m still waiting for a picture of them on your feet, though… 😉

  2. Hey there. I saw your post a bit back about italian citizenship. I’m pursuing the same thing. Can you tell me about your experiences?

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