The Positive Side

One month into the second quarter, and my stocks are looking up. Really though, how much worse could they have gotten?

As to be expected, my largest gainer is National Fuel Gas. With fuel costs sharply increasing, it is a nice change to be on the winning side of a price increase. Nat Fuel is also my only stock breaking the 100% ROI.

Getting ready to break the 100% mark is Marvel Entertainment. With the release of “Iron Man”, Marvel entered into the realm of self-promoted and produced movies. The financial success of Iron Man showed that this is not just a comic book company any more. And with 5000 comic book characters to use as potential movie ideas, I’m hoping this stock soars for years to come.

In other fuel related news, FedEx has been horribly bruised by the costs of fuel and the stock price reflects their continuing struggle. I will have to keep eye on their quarterly earnings reports. As I do not see gas prices dropping, ever, FedEx will have to redesign their pricing structure before returning to profitability.

Added to the chopping block are Columbia Sportswear and PetSmart. Both are good companies, but it is time to cull the herd. As soon as my limit priced is reached, both will be gone. Other wobbly stocks such as Usana, Cedar Fair, Ameristar Casinos will be added to the subtraction line as soon as they recover some lost ground.

GameStop was the biggest loser this month, but after searching for a reason why, all I can say is “emotions running high”. When people come to their senses, there should be a return to price normalcy.

In the meantime, I’ll just hope for substantial returns anytime before I retire!


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