Special Parking…Morons

This week I found myself working at a client’s house running new electrical. The homeowner wanted 6 new wall sconces added to the walls in her living room and dining room with three pairs of two lights each controlled by separate dimmer switches. A project made all the more difficult by the cathedral ceilings furnishing her home. As I was unable to crawl up into the attic to run wiring, running electrical would require tearing channels in the walls to run the wiring I needed. Once I graphed it all out and explained that the amount of demo it would take, I got approval to start.

This particular client is also a friend, and as such, we would go out to lunch on the days she worked from home. Heading to an ice cream/yogurt place after lunch, we were driving through the parking lot looking for a place to park. The only available spot was marked “Drive Thru Parking Only”.

What kind of person put the moron in that oxymoron? Parking for a drive-thru? That does not even make sense! I decided we needed to park there in open defiance of the stupidity that necessitated a fast food restaurant requiring parking for their drive-thru.

Of course, I had to ask. The drive-thru parking spots are used for those days that the drive thru line is heavy. You place your order, pay your bill, then go and park to wait for your food. I was so dumbfounded by the thought of parking spots for drive-thru’s that I forgot to ask if the food was delivered or if you had to go pick it up.


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2 Responses to Special Parking…Morons

  1. Earla says:

    Having worked at said establishment back in my high school days – I can tell you…they bring the food out to the car.

  2. Laura says:

    After doing all that, why don’t people just order the food to go, and wait in the air conditioned building?

    Weird sign.

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