A Milestone

I did it! I finally got my living room mudded. Every cove, every seam, every screw, every corner has at least one coat of mud on it. I had tried to work on it by shoving everything into one corner of the room, but after a while, that proved to be more work than just moving stuff out. My living room/dining room stuff can be found in my bedroom, in my kitchen, in my shed, in my garage, in my closets and outside on the patio!

From the photo on the left, you can see the how the drywall is coved. In the corners, not only is it coved, but it’s coped also, to fit the curve of two perpendicular walls. That is how it stayed for 5 years while I pondered how to mud the curved walls.

The photo in the center shows my first attempt at mudding the coving with normal drywall tools (below). It was easy enough to do the walls, but the drywall knife would not bend around the coving at all. The more I tried, the more it scrapped off all the mud!

When I tried to use more mud, less force and curve, it just blobbed on.

One day I was working on a client’s house and I needed to add texture to her walls. My 4″ drywall knive didn’t create the right texture, so I hunted around for something rounded. The pool trowel which has rounded corners, and the handle on top turned out to be the perfect tool!

When I got home, I tested it along the curve of my walls. It was a perfect fit along the curve of my walls!

The only problem; I couldn’t get the mud out of the mud pan and onto the pool trowel! So I bought a drywall “hawk”, which is nothing more than a steel plate with a handle screwed into the base.

I scooped the mud directly onto the hawk, then put the edge of the hawk right agains the wall, then used the pool trowel to skim the coat of mud up the wall, around the cove and flush to the ceiling. And there you have it. 5 years of pondering, two new tools, and a finished coved ceiling!

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One Response to A Milestone

  1. Earla says:

    Looks good!! I’m sure it’s nice getting that milestone finally completed! Can’t wait to see it all finished!

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