Spring Cleaning

I decided last month that maintaining 37 stocks was too much work. I have begun to sell some of my more volatile holdings as the make their way back into the positive. I just feel the money will be better served with more stable companies and also into companies that pay a dividend. With the profits from the sales, I’ve added positions to other holdings. Leading the pack was Middleby Corp, where I earned a cool 85% profit. McAfee and Blackboard Inc both rebounded before selling, netting me 18% and 10.6% respectively.

I added more shares of Apple Inc, believing this year is going to be the year Apple increases its market share as it starts to gear up to head into the business realm.

I also added to my Omniture and Whole Foods holdings, taking a huge gamble on two stocks that have been major disappointments since buying in. However, the chatter has it that both have solid reasons to invest.

My 7 months-running ROI leader, Garmin has been losing ground and has the distinct dishonor of dropping the farthest from last month. Sadly, it has lost almost 100 points since January. Still sitting at a respectable 62% ROI, news about competition has been causing vast amounts of emotional trading. I am keeping a very close eye on Garmin and will either add to my holdings, or sell!

Whole Foods was the increase leader but it is deceptive. By buying more at prices well below what I initially paid in 2005, the averages of the two prices made its performance look better than it is. GameStop came out with the highest ROI and I am thankful for it!


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