Sitting in my office yesterday, watching the birds flit around their newly relocated feeding station, a new visitor stopped by. It looked like a Baltimore Oriole! Contacting Goddess Google, I saw that it was near impossible for this visitor to be such a bird, as this particular species of bird seldom visited west of Ohio. I tried looking up birds on different sites, hoping to identify this California visitor. All I could find though was pictures of the Baltimore Oriole.

You make up your mind…

From the US Geological Survey website~

and mine…

The bills are definitely different, but the coloring and the markings are the same!

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3 Responses to Lost?

  1. Earla says:

    I can’t see the picture of your bird..it’s cut off! 😦

  2. Laura says:

    Wow. The two birds are *very* similar. Those beaks, though, are totally different. I wonder who that bright fellow is!

  3. Mikki says:

    Try a different browser. I shrunk the picture a bit, though, just in case.

    Read on…

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