One day in December, a (former) friend asked me if I would like to do a photo shoot to accompany an article she was writing. The story was for a national women’s magazine and would be seen by a quarter of a million subscribers. The article was entitled “Always Be Prepared”, and was a step by step on how to change a flat tire. I guess for those 8 women that do not have Triple A!

The day was overcast, although earlier, it had poured. I wasn’t sure if the skies were done, but for the time being, it seemed safe. The car that was to be used, a (relatively) vintage Chevy El Camino, was in the driveway commanding center stage. The car’s owner and her friend posed in the perfect depiction of the author’s detailed steps.

Not knowing a thing about photo shoots, I just told the girls to do what felt was comfortable as they followed along with the steps, and I’d try to get in the proper places for the pictures. If necessary, I’d have them redo a step to get the shot from a different position. I figured if I took a million pictures some of them would look nice enough!

We were off to a good start, with the car’s owner pantomiming the first steps describing the frustration of a broken down car, and the subsequent call to your best friend for a rescue.

All was going smoothly until the best friend couldn’t find the jack for the car! Further searching also led to the fact there was no spare tire either!

I asked the car owner what would she do in the event of a real flat tire, and she said she called Triple A. Always a good idea, until I told her Triple A does not carry around spare tires!

There was no way we’d be able to continue the shoot using the El Camino, so I volunteered the S2000! The magazine used 4 out of the 200 pictures I took and included my name in the margin of the article!

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2 Responses to Published!

  1. Laura says:


    Dad taught me how to change a tire when I was a teen, after I started driving. You know, just in case. He gave it up when I couldn’t turn the tire iron, even when I stood on the end of it and bounced up and down. LOL

  2. Mikki says:


    My dad also taught me. Also, just in case! He didn’t give up though because I found a way to stand on one side of the jack, grab the other end, then push and jump the same time! It’s just easier to have AAA!

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