Going Down?

Life is too short to worry, or so I told myself on Valentine’s Day when I noticed that all 33 of my stocks closed down. Quicken uses color-coded arrows to indicate stock movement; green arrows pointing up, red arrows pointing down, and black horizontal lines. Green, good. Red, bad. Black, take a breather. In all the years I have been investing, I have never seen a day when all my stocks closed down.

So much for the school of thought to diversify your holdings across a wide range of industries!

Being a silver-lining kind of gal, I just decided the red arrows were Cupid’s way of showing me some love…

None of my sectors was spared in the quasi crash that’s been incited by the subprime mortgage meltdown, economy worries, and necessities cost increases. Numbers like these can make a grown woman hibernate until a presidential turn over.

I decided to sell off a few losers. One, I was no longer subscribed to the newsletters that offered advice on their purchase. As a non-subscriber, I also wasn’t getting any updates on the companies. Two, I figured what little money I had in these losing stocks could be better invested elsewhere.

Elsewhere turned out to be Apple, Inc. We all know my love affair with Steve Jobs. With Cupid sending me 33 red arrows, I figured it was a sign. I remember wanting to buy Apple Computer stock when it was $3 a share and still called Apple Computer. I was a BELIEVER. I also had no money to invest. When it went to $17 a share, I figured I had missed the boat. Fast forward through the iPod, iPhone and Intel chip eras, and I bought in at $125, then re-upped at $133. Now I am a TRUE BELIEVER!

March was not any better. With Bear Sterns being bailed out, everyone was nervous about everything. Any companies directly or indirectly affected by gas prices sunk (Fed Ex, Whole Foods). Any companies selling luxury items (Garmin) were down. Even my vitamin company (Usana) took a huge hit! Stock in companies that involved staying home and spending as little as possible (Netflix, GameStop) did well.

I currently own 30 stocks. I’m going to be selling some over the course of the next few months and reinvesting the money in fewer companies. Watching all these stocks is getting impossible to manage!


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