Final Stage

The last piece of paper has come in, and gone out.

My sister made the trip to the Superior Courthouse in CT to get an updated copy of my mom’s (1st marriage) divorce decree. I needed the paperwork with a raised seal, and the signature of a living, breathing, still employed, member of the clerking staff before the State of CT would issue an apostille.

Why? I don’t know why. None of the other paperwork had to have a 21st century signature on it.

Sister made the obligatory trek, acting as my proxy, dutifully submitted my request and received the last link in the jure sanguinis that is my life. I got it in the mail today, scanned it into the computer, mailed the .pdf file to my translator, and mailed the paper right back to Connecticut.

In two more weeks, with all the paperwork in hand, I should be able to reschedule my appointment with the Los Angeles Italian consulate!

NOW can I pick out my paint colors?

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2 Responses to Final Stage

  1. Laura says:

    Don’t pick out your paint colors just yet. You might jinx it, and after all you’ve been through I know you wouldn’t want that! Fingers crossed.

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