Family and Friends

The weekend brought more guests to the Ocala area in the way of Kelly’s mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and nephews. I know I had previously met MaryAnne, (mother-in-law), but was not sure if I had met Robin (sister-in-law) or Justin and Jeremy (twin nephews). After a late lunch with Kelly’s nephews, Josh and Jason, we were invited by MaryAnne and Robin to dinner.

Dinner? We just ate lunch!

Kelly and I agreed to go, but we colluded to eat light. And to steer away from Italian, being the type of meal we ate at linner.

We managed to not eat Italian, but, distracted mightily by the patter of our waiter, our secret pact to eat light was forgotten somewhere between an appetizer and dessert! Robin turned out to be one of those tiny women with a sweet tooth and she sucked me into the dessert vortex!

Much laughter and silly conversation later, Kelly and I bid the northerners a good night with the promise of more visiting in the next few days. We headed back to the farm, where we could wallow in reclined positions completely attired in expandable waist bands!

The next day, we had plans to head to The Villages, a “55+ active adult community”. In other words, a retirement community. I had never seen one so big. It started out in one county, but currently spans 3. It has town squares, rec centers, golf courses, grocery stores, movie theaters, and their own hospital. Oh, and buffalo. I don’t know what retired people do with buffalo, but they’ve got them. The different villages were huge gated communities and everyone traveled with a security pass to prove admittance into the areas.

Meeting up with family friends of MaryAnne, Tony and Anne had us over for, yep, dinner. A wonderful dinner of, yep, Italian; Gnocchi, breads, salads, all delicious! Fortunately, for my waistline, dessert was offered but refused! Kelly and I didn’t even wait to get home to start “getting comfortable.” I just unsnapped my pants as soon as we were in the truck!

I can’t imagine why we both skipped breakfast in the morning…

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