Marion County Weather Advisory

After my first ride, we brought all the horses into the barn, made sure they were fed and watered, and headed in ourselves for some dinner. The Weather Channel was calling for rain starting Thursday evening into Friday.

Boy, were they right! It started raining around 5pm, HARD! Winds were blowing, and the rain was coming down almost sideways! In no time at all, the front yard was flooded, where the run off for the roof drained. The driveway looked to have at least an inch of water on it at all times. There was some thunder and lighting, but not as much as I expected for a Florida rainstorm!

Fortunately, for us, the windows remained intact, the roof stayed in place, and the DirecTv stayed on for much of the night!

The morning brought limited sunshine, but another storm was brewing! Listing to the Weather channel, I told Kelly I heard there was a tornado warning until noon in Marion County. Not sure of my counties in Florida, I asked her how close that was to Ocala.

Turns out Ocala IS in Marion County!

With the horses unable to graze all day in the fields, we stayed close by to feed them a couple times a day. While a tornado did touch down relatively close to Marion County, I was fortunate enough to finish my vacation in Ocala and not get whisked away on the Windy Express!

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