Two Steps Back

I will say that while snail mail is definitely not as speedy as email, the jure sanguinis paperwork traveling back and forth between the two coasts has not been very much of a problem. That being said, I just wish there was less of a need to do so much mailing!

In Friday’s mail, I received a letter from the Connecticut Secretary of State. They were able to send me the apostille for my mom’s (1st) marriage certificate, but not one for the divorce decree. Their reasoning? They can only apostille a document containing a current clerk or judge’s signature.

You have to ask yourself why a marriage/birth/death certificate with a raised seal but with a date preceding the creation of the American Baseball league is okay, but a court document signed by a man around to witness the opening of first McDonalds is not.

I’ve enlisted the assistance of my East Coast sibling. Maybe a physical presence will work where all else has failed. I’m not sure she will encounter smooth sailing in this request, but I certainly hope so!

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