And They’re Off

I got the missing marriage certificate that I needed, but was still patiently waiting for a call from the Superior Court with the dollar amount I owed for the divorce decree and final judgment paperwork.

As most of you know, “patiently” is just a word in a dictionary in my world.

Wanting to know what the holdup was, I called to ask. I was completely shocked that a real life, non-accented English speaking, human being answered the phone. She did not seem to recognize my name or my request, which did not seem to be a good indication. She then offered to look up the paperwork right then while I was on the phone. Back and forth with this number and that date, I finally asked her the question I should have asked before sending in the request.

“I need the original divorce decree and the final judgment and something called the Certificate of Clerk. The paperwork I have here is the original document with a raised seal. Would you be sending me anything that I don’t already have?”

Silly me, I already had all the paperwork I needed!

It is all back on its way to Connecticut to the Secretary of State for the Apostilles required!

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1 Response to And They’re Off

  1. Laura says:

    Wow. I don’t know if it’s allowed to talk with someone on the phone who speaks un-accented English, and can actually communicate in an intelligent manner. (Did I say that?) LOL

    Woohoo! One more step down…

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