One Down…

With the right legal certificates, I need to show a nice pretty flow from Angelo – ->Teresa – -> Mikki. What I have is, Angelo – ->SCREECHING HALT – ->Mikki.

I got the first “jure sanguinis” pothole on my road to Italy patched when my mom’s (first) marriage certificate arrived in the mail Saturday. Two weeks ago, a letter (along with a $10 money order) was sent from California to Connecticut requesting the marriage certificate. The one with her maiden name that shows she came from my grandfather.

When the divorce paperwork returns to California from Connecticut, I can send it all back (with $50) to Connecticut for the required Apostilles.

Is it too early to start picking out paint colors for my villa?

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1 Response to One Down…

  1. Laura says:

    It’s probably a little early for that. Congrats on making this next step, though. Woohoo!

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