A Fishy Tale

Like most people across the nation this weekend, I did some spring-cleaning in my yard.

What? It’s February in much of the nation? Also known as mid WINTER? Hmm too bad, as it was a beautiful sunny California day and I spent much of it outside!

Tired of my bird feeding station being a takeout restaurant for Gemma, I moved it to a different location in the yard. One that offered no plants for little cute kitties to lie in ambush, a 360unimpeded elevated view, and no chance of rats coming from the neighbor’s unkempt borderline bushes to share in the festivities. I also reconfigured the arms of the feeding “tree” to better shield the feeders from any four legged terrors down below.

Of course the pond now looked horrible, so I cleaned it, cleared the area around and decided to go another round with the fish rustler. Months back, I attempted to institute the escape route but was foiled when the darn contraption refused to sink. Who knew plastic would float even filled with water? After figuring out a way to weigh it down, I went to the fish store with my email coupon for a 25% off and purchased two new additions to the Menagerie.

I decided to buy the bigger koi, in the event the fish rustler is a bird. After adding the two fish to the pond, they disappeared, into the escape route.

Hopefully, they won’t live in there, and I’ll be able to enjoy them during the morning feeding!

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