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With my Non New Year’s Resolutions still in place, I now have time to look at my stocks. I also found that my software package allows me to transport my portfolio view back in time. When I screw up and forget to look at my data at the end of the month, I reset time! (If it only went forward in time, I could retire!)

I left off somewhere in September, when Garmin launched into the +300% returns. I also added to my Netflix and Marvel Holdings.

In October, news of an impending Christmas shopping slowdown started a selling trend on Wall Street. Not on my street though.

While Garmin was my biggest losing stock, it was also the stock with the highest returns in my portfolio!

I started thinking around this time of dumping some of my underperforming stocks. I did not make any decisions until December, when I decided that the remaining money invested in New York & Co would be better placed in other more promising stocks. NY & Co was a loser from the first day I bought it. Purchased in September of 05, and added to in Dec of 05, it never again was on the positive side of my charts.

Early December, Jet Blue made an announcement they were selling shares to Lufthansa. Not understanding the reasoning behind this decision, nor the benefit to anyone except Lufthansa, I finally sold my position in Jet Blue. I’m still a True Blue Frequent Flyer though!

In December, I added Activision (ATVI), Vasco (VDSI) and Omniture (OMTR) to my portfolio. If you have kids, you know all about Activision. They are the leading international publisher of interactive entertainment software products. Games like Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Spiderman, Tony Hawks, available for platforms like WII, Xbox, and PlayStation. Not much of a vidiot myself, I can see that I’m in the minority.

Vasco Data Security is the number one supplier of internet security. As internet use continues to increase, keeping internet users safe from the underworld is more and more important.

Omniture is a company that other companies can appreciate. With one eye (sometimes both eyes!) on the bottom line, having the services Omniture offer can make the difference! Makes no difference to me, as long as they stay in business, and make money!

January was not off to a good start in stock market land! Huge hits in 18 of my stocks suffered losses 5% or greater, while only 4 had increases of 5% or greater. Garmin was the biggest loser at 94 points, yet remains my number one stock! Usana, my vitamin company is my top gainer.

So far, it has been a bumpy ride, but as long as I still believe in the companies, it is also a great time to buy!


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