Unidentified Floating Object

I went camping this weekend with a friend, although I am not sure “camping” is the appropriate word. Hauling around an apartment on the back of an SUV should not qualify as “camping”. Nothing that allows for boiling water on a stove for a cup of tea can possibly be as arcane as camping.

We headed out early Friday evening, traveling down Pacific Coast Highway. Our ultimate destination was San Clemente State Beach. Before we could get there though, we had to find supplies.

We found an Albertsons.

Stocking up on camping necessities, we purchased milk, butta, eggs, bacon, roasted chicken, mozzarella and tomatoes, ice and filet mignon. Roughing it can be tricky! Fridge stocked, ice chest battened and we were off.

Arriving space 86, we discovered there were no hook ups. Cannot go camping without any hook ups! We would have to rely on the generator to provide electricity, heat and water! NO WAY! Discussing our dilemma with the State Beach Guardian of the Hookups, we finagled spot 71, with full hook ups. PHEW! Spot 71 was large enough to pull in both the SUV and the apartment without having to disengage the SUV.

All we (and I use the term WE loosely) had to do was stabilize the apartment, level it off, hook into power, water and sewage, and we were ready to start our camping adventure. First on the agenda was dinner. Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken, caprese, and some French bread, tea (for me) wine (for her) and we were nourished and ready for the next adventure.

This, for us old birds, turned out to be a little conversation, a little reading and a whole lotta sleeping. Converting the dining area into the second bedroom, I unfurled my sleeping blanket (rated for -40 below zero) and got cozy. 20 minutes or so into cozy, I was sweltering and requested that the heat be lowered to a level or two below “inferno”. After which, I slept like a baby.

Morning came and we were ready start the day. A breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, tea (for me), diet coke (for her) and toast was prepared by yours truly. Not burning the bacon too badly, we enjoyed an artery clogging start to our day. We decided that a walk along the nature path and butterfly route we be a good warm up to a nice walk along the beach. We never did find the nature path, and the butterflies were a no show, but we did find the beach.

Strangest beach I have ever walked on. Not a rock or shell to be seen. I think they vacuumed it every morning. I did find a space alien marooned on the beach though.

Whatever it was, it left me with six chins!

(more pictures here)

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6 Responses to Unidentified Floating Object

  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks for letting me know how good camping can be….you should have experienced the “apartment” last summer with 4 adults and 4 kids vying to be in it and away from the sweaty heat and bugs! LOL

  2. Laura says:

    Sounds like you had fun “camping.” There are a bunch of beaches in California with no shells or nice pebbles. There are others that make up for their lack.

  3. Mikki says:

    Kristin – That’s 4 kids and 3 adults too many for me. 🙂

    Laura – this beach not only had no rocks or seashells, but not a shred of pollution either. I want one of THOSE vacuums…

  4. deadhead58 says:

    not one single piece of sea glass 😦

  5. deadhead58 says:

    Wow! That trip sounds like it was FAB-U-LUSSSSSS!

    You really needed to say more about the Beach Hike. Traintrack, train, hiking up Mount Everest….

  6. Rocket says:

    Great post Mikki, I laughed the entire time from all the shock of how rough “camping” can be. I guess my Grizzly Adams impersonation ( hiking out to a site near a lake and starting a campfire and looking for the “softer leaves” for later) going camping is what we would call “roughing it” compared to your camping experience. lol

    I would like to see a close up of the alien. If your photo holding something that looks like the tail from a tiger costume that got left behind after a beach bonfire party is it, I hope you didn’t eat it. Is that the alien?

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