Resolutions and Such

Resolve verb

-to reach a firm decision about



I do not know whose brilliant idea it was to make the first day of every year the day to reinvent yourself in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. In scanning the WWW, I discovered hundreds of thousands of articles—how to make, how to keep, the top ten, aid in the form of self-help books and even resolution motivational tapes. If I looked long enough, I would probably find someone in the business of helping you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. I am sure Stephen King already wrote a book on just such a company.

I was never one to resolve to improve. How could I possibly improve on perfection? 🙂 Actually, my opinion was more like “why wait until the first of the year?” If there was something about myself I did not like, why would I put up with it for even one more day? I would just fix it; even if I discovered the imperfection on July 19th.

That being said, here we are, with the first month of 2008 GONE and the life altering decisions that did occur 4 weeks ago are still in place.

Sitting down at year-end, spending HOURS trying to get my books in order and taxes done, I resolved then, that I would be better organized in my book keeping. Instead of spending hours every so often entering everything, stressing to remember the minute details of the preceding weeks, I would sit down each night for minutes and enter my day into the many software packages I bought to keep me, and my business, flowing smoothly. It was merely a coincidence this resolution occurred the first of the year.

My other change was to stop drinking soda. Not that I drink that much anyhow, but this past year, I drank more than I like. I’m not even sure when my last glass of coke was, but I noticed after the first of the year that I hadn’t had a class in a while, and I wasn’t missing it. Resolution #2.

Now I don’t know if being better organized makes me feel better, or if drinking less sugar and carbonation makes me more energetic to stay organized but I’m finding I actually have spare time in my days.

Time to write, of course!

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