A Little Bit of Home

At my 20 year reunion, (jeeze has it been almost 8 years?!) I realized, while schmoozing the room, that one of my high school buddies was living in California. Not only living in California, but living 15 miles away from me. We decided to plan a get together when we both returned to the Golden State. Off and on since then, we’ve gotten together for lunches, dinners and mini reunions when other high school friends came to town.

Last year, in January, I took him out for his birthday, while we both happened to be in Sicily.

That’s right, Sicily. Two kids from Small Town, Connecticut now living 15 miles apart in California, had dinner 9,000 miles away in Sicily. Who would have thought it, some 20 odd years ago we’d be know as global jet setters traipsing the world having dinner in exotic locales? Not me!

Even though for the past year we’ve been a mere 15 miles away from each other, we could not coordinate our schedules. We finally met up the other day, again for his birthday. For two hours we chatted, we laughed, we gossiped, we ate.

There’s something about hanging with a childhood friend that brings home around almost close enough to touch.

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1 Response to A Little Bit of Home

  1. Laura says:

    It’s wonderful being in touch with such old friends, isn’t it? Something… I dunno. Different. Special. More. Something… more. Not that newer friends are lacking. Not in any way. Nope. But… You should just see my old friend Denise and I when we get together. We’ve been friends for 42 years now. Yeah. 42 years. Weird, huh? Very cool how you connected, and have managed to stay in touch. Sort of like Denise and I, though we didn’t grow up so far from here, and haven’t yet met for dinner in ITALY. (Brat.) 😉

    I’ve always loved this one by Joseph Parry (well, except the part about the gray hair):

    Make new friends, but keep the old;
    those are silver, these are gold.
    New-made friendships, like new wine,
    age will mellow and refine.
    Friendships that have stood the test
    time and change are surely best;
    brow may wrinkle, hair grow gray,
    friendship never knows decay.
    For ‘mid old friends tried and true,
    once more we our youth renew.
    But old friends, alas may die,
    new friends must their place supply.
    Cherish friendship in your breast
    new is good, but old is best;
    make new friends, but keep the old;
    those are silver, these are gold.

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