The Call

My, how time flies. Remember this story?

I came home from work the Friday before Christmas and there was a message from Monica, of the Italian Consulate (in Los Angeles). She called, right on schedule, to set up my appointment to review my application for Italian (duel) citizenship. All I had to do since my last visit was get the paperwork translated from English to Italian, and wait a year for her phone call.

The waiting part was easy, and I managed to do that perfectly all year! The translation part completely slipped my mind. So now, a year later, it’s a RUSH! I have until January 25th to find a translator, send them the documents, have them translated, then have them sent back.

Somewhere in my “Italian Citizenship Paperwork” is a list of translators.  Somewhere in my office is my “Italian Citizenship Paperwork”. Somewhere in my house is my office.

I am not usually this unorganized!

After a frantic search, I found my paperwork. It was in that spot we all know so well. The “Safe Spot”. Or, as my mom calls it, “right where you left it”.

The package was all complete, all completely organized, with the list of translators right on top! I called the number that seemed the closest to me and chatted with Fausta. She was glad to do the necessary translations for me!

Thankfully, both she and I live in the age of technology! I faxed her copies of the certificates that needed translating; she emailed me any questions she had. The check is off, the translations in the mail and the rush is over!

We’ll know if my efforts will pay off at my appointment, January 25th 2008!

Buona fortuna to me!


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3 Responses to The Call

  1. Ant says:

    Hey Mikki, I thought I’d say hi and wish you a good new year.
    I can’t beleive how fast the year has flown by. I think you were in Italy about this time last year.
    Oh I like the ‘snow’ falling across the screen – very seasonal. Seasonal that is if you don’t live in SoCal.
    Have a great new year.

  2. Mikki says:

    Yes, this time last year I had driven from Catania Sicily to Ragusa Sicily and met my cousins Ivana, and Claudio, their mother Pina, Ivana’s husband Ciccio, and their children, Rafaellla and Giorgio, and their dog Alfredo! We went to a party at a friend of Ivana’s and rang in the New Year. At the stroke of Midnight, Italy’s equivalent to the Dick Clarke New Year’s Eve special rung in the new year with…THE VILLAGE PEOPLE, live from Naples!

    That was too surreal!

    Happy New Year, Ant! And to your ever expanding family too!

  3. Laura says:

    Nope. You’re usually highly organized. I’m actually surprised that I didn’t get a reminder from you today about that party list! LOL Glad you were able to find your file so easily, and get it all taken care of. Just a little more waiting…

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