My sister called me early October and asked me what my mother could get me for my birthday. I replied, “a new iMac.”

That being a bit unrealistic, I said what I’d really like is some Maple Walnut Ice cream.

While California has plenty to offer in the way of sunshine, beautiful coasts, and an expansive land mass, it does not have any maple trees. And if it does, it doesn’t get cold enough here to get that sap flowing.

Only the nicest restaurants offer “Real Maple Syrup” for your pancakes, and always at an added charge. Most of the time, it’s just some imitation Maple Syrup. I mean really, why bother?

Bristol Farms grocery stores do carry a nice selection of differing grades of Maple Syrup and it can be pricey.

But who cares about syrup. I did not want syrup for my birthday, I wanted ice cream. My sister did a little walking through the google pages and found a site that sold what I was after.

Of course it is such a sought after product, it turned out my birthday gift was on backorder. Hrumph.

It came one day without any warning. Good thing I had come home from work at lunch! For on my front porch was a box marked ‘PERISHABLE GOODS”.

I was so excited, I decided that I was going to have ice cream for lunch! I sliced open the box, opened the thermal cooler and found 5 little pints of ice cream nestled among the dry ice! I pried one open and dug in!

Except it was so frozen I did not even make a dent with the spoon. I had another go at it. Nothing.


I had to put it in my freezer to defrost! The ice cream was so cold, it looked fake. I figured I’d be able to have a scoop some time before Christmas!

Fortunately, away from the dry ice, and in the warmer freezer, it was ready when I returned from work.

Dinner could wait! Life is too short! Eat dessert first!

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1 Response to YUMMMMY!

  1. Laura says:

    There are a few maple trees here and there in California, but not enough to make syrup, regardless of the weather unless you were to make the rounds of everyone’s yards to gather it up. But then, it has to be the right kind of maple, too, doesn’t it? The first time I had real maple syrup after growing up on the imitation stuff I didn’t like it. I’ve since changed my mind. 😉

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