In Memory Of

Pet Peeve day!

What better way to rejoin the ranks of the blog writers than by posting a story about my latest pet peeve?

I spend a lot of my day driving from my house to job sites and back again, so I see a lot of cars. Many of them are now supporting memorial slogans for family or friends that have passed on.

“In Loving Memory of [insert name here]

Born [insert date here] – Died [insert date here]

The nicest man you’d ever met”

Really? And how does he feel about having his eternal memory immortalized on the back window of your Ford Explorer?

The least you could do is upgrade to a Jag.

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1 Response to In Memory Of

  1. Laura says:

    I guess I’m lucky. Haven’t noticed any of those yet. Does seem a bit on the tacky side to me… (Maybe more than a bit.)

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