Heros and Thai

My friend and I were driving around town looking for a take out Thai restaurant so we could have something to munch on while watching Tivo’d episodes of Weeds and Californication.

After finally locating a restaurant that was both in and open for business, we placed our order and left. On the way home, we passed several bars with spill over patrons standing around outside.

We decided to stop in for a drink.

Oh wait a minute, no we didn’t. We had food to eat!

What we did was notice all the guys standing outside with team jerseys on.

Now, I don’t mind so much when kids wear team jersey’s with some man’s name on it, although, if they need a hero’s name on their back, it should be their dad’s name. Or even their Mom’s name if Dad turns out to be a schmuck. But hey, what do I know.

When a grown man walks around with name of a major league athlete on his back, I just don’t understand. Are they friends? Related? When that same man walks around in a complete outfit–pants and jersey, that’s just weird!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of being an athletic supporter. 🙂 I own several shirts with my favorite football team depicted on the front. But the only name on them is “Hanes”.

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1 Response to Heros and Thai

  1. Antony says:

    Hi Mikki,

    I see you’ve quit blogging again – you must be busy

    Thought I’d wish you a Thanks Giving – a little early.

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