Slow Hook

slow hook v –
the act of removing a starting pitcher from a game who has pitched more then nine innings or allowed more than six runs.

I started playing softball again. A friend of mine I used to play with before started a team with her husband and they needed a pitcher. When I mentioned my new social activity to my sister, she asked if it was an over 50 league.

Some day she’ll be old too.

I felt great after the first game. I pitched well, I played well, we won, and I wasn’t sore in the morning.

Then we played the next week.

I over extended both my Achilles tendons, popped my right quad and tweaked my hip.

I think ready for the One Foot in the Grave league.

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1 Response to Slow Hook

  1. Laura says:

    Were you just saving up so you could hurt all parts at once and limit the over all time spent healing? Silly girl. You’re not that old. 😉

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