Better Spent

I got caught up in the news cycle the other night on CNN. Really, who needs sleep aides when you have news like this repeated every 15 minutes?

Story 1 – An interview with the ex girlfriend of a pedophile who taped his exploits and is still at large.

Story 2 – Brittney Spears losing custody of her children.

Story 3 – A 40 year old Naval building shaped like a swastika and $600,000 has been allotted to fix it.

I am still trying to figure out why the ex girlfriend of a suspected pedophile is being interviewed on an international news show. The only question I would think to ask is “Do you know where he is?” Of course, my interview would then have to have a ton of commercials to fill in the other 14 minutes and 53 seconds.

Or, the commercials could be skipped to get into the next topic, a custody battle between whom I am sure will turn out to be 2007 Mother and Father of the Year. This story at least begs me to ask two questions; “Who cares?” and “How long is this going to be a story for?” which I guess shows an improvement in my interview skills.

The last story in the news cycle just makes me question the importance of conscious thought.

In case you slept through this particular news cycle, the building was discovered on Google Satellite Maps. The building was built over 40 years ago. From space, it looks like the swastika symbol. I can’t be positive that the Navy didn’t have a Nazi sympathizing architect, but I’d bet not.

What gets me is the reaction. Such an uproar was stirred up that the Navy has now allotted $600,000 to modify the shape of the building.

$600,000? Couldn’t that money be better spent? Is a building only seen from the air really that offensive?

Hey! That’s three questions!

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One Response to Better Spent

  1. Antony says:

    Jay Leno just better watch his back from now on.

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