No. 134472

I was looking forward to taking a week off after my last project to work on my own place. In reality, my house probably needs about 3 dedicated weeks to finish it.

In the alternate reality that is my life, that’s about 7 years. All it needs are doors, trim, and a tile floor installed. The living room still needs to be mudded, but that’s going to take a whole life time just to figure out the coving.

I decided to check my calendar to make sure that I didn’t stick something on there that I forgot about.

Lo and behold, there, stuck on Friday morning at 8 am was my exam for the certification for the California General Electrician.

Drat. Now my week off was going to be spent studying for my exam.

I had taken a course on how to pass the exam last year, before I went to Sicily. It turned out to be a course on how to properly read all the words in the question, look for the import words, then find the appropriate section in the Code book to answer it.

Yep, an open book test.

So I spent all week reviewing questions and trying to find them in the book. By Thursday around 4, I felt that what I didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt me. I took a long dinner break, came home and took a relaxing shower, watched the season premier of CSI and went to bed confident that I was ready.

I headed out the next morning hoping all the answers didn’t ooze out of my ears during the night.

4 hours later I was headed home as a certified California General Electrician!

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1 Response to No. 134472

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations, Mikki! You go, girl. 🙂

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