4th Annual

Last weekend was the 4th Annual Girl’s Weekend. This is the weekend when 10 of us that used to work for the same Corporate America get together at Jane’s cabin and revel in apple laced extravaganza.

And I’ve got the photos to prove it.

This year brought strange weather to the So Cal area for the weekend. First it was forecasted to rain. One, when it does rain in So Cal it is never in September. Two, when it does rain, it is hardly cold.

Not only were they forecasting rain, but also SNOW at the lower elevations. My convertible doesn’t do snow. I don’t do snow. I took a chance that it would snow after I arrived and melt before I needed to go and it paid off. Although, it never did snow.

As I am not much of a cook, and cannot contribute much to the sharing of favorite recipes, I usually accept the responsibility of keeping the fire burning. Usually on this weekend the fire is more for ambiance instead of warmth (except for the night), but this weekend it was an absolute necessity.

Although, at one point I had it so hot in the house that I had to step outside to cool off.

Go figure.


Opening Ceremony Fire

5 of us showed up Friday night.


(l to r) me, Laura, Suzanne, Earla & Jane

Dinner Friday night consisted of Manhattan Clam Chowder, salad and bread. Oh, and an apple crisp.



We played a new game, called Loaded Questions. I don’t mind playing the games that are calm. This one was calm. I played, but did not win.


Saturday brought the arrival of the other 6, and also the rain. After a breakfast I prepared of scrambled eggs and bacon-maple flavored, (as it’s the only thing I can cook) a few were brave enough to venture forth despite the wet stuff, but I stayed inside and kept the fire roaring. They returned shortly with a bushel of apples.


The Brave

(l to r) Jane, Suzanne, Nita

Hand picked, fresh off the trees. What followed then was a food fest of apple crisps, apple butter, apple scones (with dates!), apple pie. Besides the clam chowder and bacon and eggs, we also managed to squeeze in chicken apple salad, pork roast, lasagna, a breakfast pizza and a breakfast shepherds pie. There were cards, board games and the fire. The fire also meant strolling to the woodshed, battling with the black widow spiders and dodging the rain.


The Gang and their efforts

(Standing l to r) Jane, Nita, Audry, Karen, Laura, and Patty

(Kneeling l to r) Suzanne and Earla

There was so much more than than food and games though, for when women get together, there’s all kinds of talking going on.



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