Nope, No Errors Here

It has been a while since I have written about my portfolio. According to my spreadsheet, I completely missed entering my June data. I did enter the data for July, but one of my stocks was so off the charts I needed to investigate. It was not until mid September before I had the chance to investigate.

In May, my Garmin stock broke the 100% mark. June, I had no idea what was going on then July it was up to 238%. It was exciting to break the 100% mark, but to double that in just two months? I am sure there was an error in my in input!

DRAT! No time to look into it.

Mid September I found some time to look into what was going on. I read some reports, checked some stories. As of September 30th, Garmin rose another 100% to close at 311%.

And it is all legit!

Garmin has become my first 3 bagger!

My next big gainer of the past month was GameStop, moving up 28 points. GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer, with over 4,400 stores located throughout the United States and 15 countries.

With a little cash accumulating in my cash fund from dividend payouts, I bought 25 more shares of Netflix, just in the nick of time, as this stock increased from the negative (-.4) to the positive (14) in just one month’s time.

I also bought 20 more shares of Marvel. I read that this company has over 3,000 characters, all with the potential to be made into a movie. With merchandising. Sounds good to me!

I only wish I could have bought more!

I am keeping my eye on Whole Foods. Back a while ago, they were a good looking company. Then they decided to stop selling lobsters, and the stock took a dive. They’ve been dropping like a stone since then. I do not know if there is a correlation. Then the CEO was caught writing anonymous comments on a forum for Wild Oats, a company they were battling to buy. Then the battle was cause for concern when it needed SEC approval.

That’s all over, battle approved by SEC, purchase complete. Whole Foods, while not yet in the positive is up 9% since last month.

Totally disappointing me is my purchase of  the stock New York & Company. I do not think it’s been anywhere near a positive number since I bought it. I put in sell order to sell when it reaches the point I bought it at. Seeing as it’s down almost 70%, it might take a while.

The rest…


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  1. Earla says:

    OOPS! You missed Nita in the group photo between Jane and Audrey! Good photos and what a great time it was!

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