Late August

Okay, so the radio station’s contest my friend entered into narrowed the field down to 15 from the 350 entries.

On Monday.

August 6th.

Which, by no stretch of the imagination, can be construed as Late August. My facts were a little askew.

Sue me.

The important thing to remember is that my friend entered a contest, was one of 350 entrants, and was chosen as one of the Phase two 15.

SHE MADE IT! TO PHASE TWO! How exciting is that?!!!?

Star 98.7 was the radio station that Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol and American Top 40 fame) used to DJ at. During my Corporate American years, and before XM, I used to listen to him on my rides home from work. It’s a big station in Los Angeles, playing modern adult contemporary music.

I do not remember a contest like this before on this station, but the winner gets 25,000k, a recording contract with the label Kiefer Sutherland just started (in case saving the world every 24 hours gets boring), and $2,000 in gear.

Phase Two ends on August 14th (ah, closer to late August, but no cee-gar) where the Star folks chose 4 finalist and the fans chose one to play at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Be a part of it and vote for Jen Corday’s video, Superhero at If her singing talents and stage presence don’t move you, then remember…


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