And If That Wasn’t Enough

I’ve also been helping out a friend with her business. Remember this story?

After the video shoot, I was invited to a few more parties, a few more gigs. At one of these outings, we got into discussing futures, goals, desires, and business in general.

Ya know, my favorite topics!

After 15 or so years in the business, 3 full length CDs and a couple of videos, she decided she wanted to make a real go at making it a viable business venture. She has the rare distinction of having right and left brains almost equal in talent.

There are ways to make money in the music business, and being a famous rock and roll star is one of them. While I certainly wouldn’t rule that out, obtaining the super stardom is easier said than done. First off, you really have to want to sell your soul.

Or at least much of the rights to your music.

You can make money playing gigs, selling your CDs, giving music lessons, studio music, selling songs to TV/Film. It’s a fascinating world for an ex-computer geek general contractor.

But, business is business, and it really all boils down to having customers (or fans) buying your service (or product).

As there is the potential to make a lot of money, there are a lot of hands waiting to take a piece. Most of the hands like their share first before their offer of help, and regardless of the actual amount brought in.

That might be the cost of doing business, but it also leaves a door open for negotiations. It all depends on who blinks first.

First on the agenda was entering a local radio station contest. After getting the video loaded, it was in the hands of the voting public. There were over 350 videos submitted. The chosen 15 will be announced some time in late August.

Next up was to enter into the American Idol Band search. Sheesh, they barely announce it, then throw out a deadline only 2 weeks away.

I’ll keep you posted on both.

NOW the focus is on the CD/DVD release party.

I like parties!

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